What is T.O.P.?

TOP stands for: Travel > Outreach > Placement

We created this formula to achieve one result. We'll get to that in a moment..


We begin by designing our tours with you the professional in mind. With that said, getting from point A to point B is easier said than done. That's why we start with focusing on the needs of our travelers first. We understand that the first impression is always the last. We also know what your goals are and what you need to take away from this trip. If we fail, you fail. Imagine your success when not having to worry about getting safely from the airport to the hotel in deluxe comfort after your 22 hour flight. Have you ever tried to navigate New Delhi alone? How about Mumbai? Or even Hanoi? You may already know that it's not very easy. Not one bit.

Again, we pride ourselves on your success. So, imagine your success if you're well rested, well adjusted and well fed within the first 24 hours of your trip. Now, imagine your success if we repeat this executive level of service every day until the end of your tour? At Top Enrollment, we have carefully implemented these executive travel components to ensure you a worry-free travel experience within the most populous and ever-demanding countries in the world


TOP Enrollment understands and knows your institution's objectives for growth. Therefore, we virtually drop you right in the middle of the pool of talent. We ensure you face to face interaction with some of the most qualified young students in the largest and most emerging markets in the world. Our coordinated outreach experts design our itineraries specifically linking you to a part of the world you never once knew existed. Or, you knew it existed, you just didn't have any clue how to get there.


Finally, once we have gotten you in the pool, it is our job to make sure you go home with enough qualified leads that fit your institution's criteria. To do that, we must make sure the pool is filled. TOP Enrollment has established numerous resources on the ground to ensure your University is not only represented, but each event is saturated with enough perspective students that will ultimately increase your chances of placement.

Put all of this together, and T.O.P. = ENROLLMENT. Your goal. Our responsibility.

About Our Tours

TOP Enrollment’s executive recruitment tours are designed specifically for US Universities who are looking to connect with students abroad wanting to further their careers in higher education. TOP’s unique tours are designed to ensure you a worry-free, executive-level travel experience that is unlike any recruitment tour available today. Our coordinated outreach experts on the ground put you in front of hundreds of the most talented young students you didn’t even know existed…all wanting to seek higher education opportunities at US Universities.

Your TOP Enrollment Tours include the following:
-TOP Enrollment Custom Designed Recruitment Tour
-TOP Accommodations: 4-5 star hotel accommodations
-TOP Transportation: Regional Air Travel & Executive Local Transportation
-TOP R&R: At least 1 day of Private Touring Activities or Wellness (see specific itinerary)
-TOP B&B: All Group Meals and catered social events
-TOP Concierge: Internet & Business Services

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About Us

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TOP Enrollment Education, LLC is an outreach service company specializing in Recruitment Tours & Consulting for Universities and Colleges seeking to expand their reach globally through the enrollment of International Students. Our mission is to serve you through our innovative formula we call TOP.

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